Security Engineering

Security Engineering focuses on the implementation and integration of “Security Best Practices” from organizational...

About Security Engineering

NSG can help your company with architecture, design and engineering security solutions. Our Security engineers are experts and certified experts with certifications like CISSP, CEH, CISA and many others. Our engineers attends vendor trainings, government required continuing education to stay on the top of their professions. We have partnered with industry leaders like IBM, Splunk, NetForensics, AlienVault, Symantec and many others to bring to you the most effective solutions.

  • NIST SP 800-53, 800-171 Security Control Implementation
  • Network Protection - PFSense, SonicWall-NG Firewall
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Vulnerability and Penetration testing
  • STIGs/System Hardening
  • PKI, CAC card implementation
  • Corporate Risk Program Development
  • PCI, HIPPA regulation GAP Analysis & Compliance
  • FedRAMP Readiness and 3PAO assessment
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Why worry about making sure about updating with latest operating system, or applying required security patches or having newer and better version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook?
NSG can seamlessly move you to Microsoft 365 cloud. Once moved, you will never to worry about managing software license, patching your operating system or Microsoft applications. All your emails will be migrated and available next time you login, you will not miss a heartbeat as your events, tasks, calendar will be available at your fingertip no matter whether you are in the office working on your desktop, or your home on your phone or tablet device. We make it completely pain free for you by using experienced cloud engineer and using proven tools and processes!
Call or email us today to implement very cost-effective Cloud Migration path for your organization!

Boundary protection

You have heard it and our print media is flooded with news about Ransomware, data, financial information stolen from Marriott, Target, OPM and other big companies and government.
To reduce these types of attacks, NSG can help you with Defense-in-Depth and Defense-in-Breadth solutions. Our experienced Security Engineers can provide comprehensive awareness of how you can improve your security. One of the most important solution is to deploy a Next Generation Firewall solution and configure with access rules. Combining with the power of the new generation firewall and using Intrusion detection, GEO-IP blocking as well as adding Real-time threat monitoring and protection to enhance the protection of your network.
We can help you to implement very cost-effective yet a powerful Firewall/IDS solution.

Secure Baseline Configuration

Research shows that most of the attacks seen is US is because of old unpatched hardened servers.
NSG has years of experience with the federal government customers in hardening the operating system from configuration point of view. NSG have used CIS-CAT secure configuration as well as DISA's secure configuration guidelines by using Windows policy editor and other tools for Linux operating systems.
Call or email us today to implement very cost-effective solution to securing your server infrastructure!

Assets Management

You should have full control and visibility of what software and hardware are connected to your environment all the time. Most hackers harvest on this weakness. Most organizations do not have policy, tools to have whitelisted applications and also workstations that are connected on the network. Hackers are able blend in your network with a connected but unknown to administrator that workstation that was connected in computer closet running windows 95/98, or server 2003 providing specific function long time back but now not required due to new solution but administrator never shut that virtual server down.
NSG can assist in both hardware and software asset management with many viable solutions including Microsoft 365, Comodo One Managed services, or many open source or commercial solutions. We will analyze your requirements, your budget and will deploy the best of the breed solution.

Privilege Access Management

It is vital that you have complete visibility of all privilege activities performed by administrators to critical assets.

To achieve privilege access management, NSG can deploy a solution that typically take the credentials of privileged accounts and put them inside a secure repository (a vault) isolating the use of privileged accounts to reduce the risk of those credentials being stolen. Once inside the repository, system administrators need to go through the PAM system to access their credentials, at which point they are authenticated and their access is logged. When a credential is checked back in, it is reset to ensure administrators have to go through the PAM system next time they want to use the credential.

We also turn on audit policy for objects that you are interested in protecting, you can monitor all the accesses and comparing with PAM logs, you can achieve compete transparency of who accessed what and at what time.

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Custom Software Development

"Our project was dynamic and changes were often made with short deadlines and your programmers were able to adapt to this, anticipate problems and communicate to me in a timely manner to keep the project on track. Customer service is often overlooked in business today but I can assure you that your efforts did not go unnoticed."


Business Solutions

"NSGI's innovative approaches to solving complex business problems have helped our organization deliver a wide range of services to both the public and our internal organization."



"NSGI developed and is managing a full life-cycle intake and business requirements service for internal applications development teams to use as part of the IT department's data center services offerings which include development, test, pre-production and production environments."


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"NSGI has impressive skill and experience with project management. They lay out the steps and timeline for a project early on and follow through to complete the project as promised."


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