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Efficient & Reliable Application Support

Too often, goals can seem unattainable, and focus is put on the constraints. But we must not lose sight. Processes are put in place for a reason, but they don't need to be static. NSG understands that agility and flexibility are required when it comes to support operations. In a perfect world, you might spend most of your time focused on the future organizational goals, not on maintaining your infrastructure. But the reality is quite the opposite. An organization's IT budget is mostly spent on operating and maintaining its solutions and on the platform on which it resides. NSG utilizes industry standard DevOps approach to application support. Helpdesk Support Bug-fixes and enhancements DevOps Approach and Processes Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operation Testing User Training and Communication

  • Efficient Application Service Desk with experienced Staff
  • DevOps process driven organization for better redudancy and efficiency

Our Services

Helpdesk Support

NSG experienced resources provide efficient helpdesk support using ITIL based service desk processes with documented escalation point and lessons-learned loopback to create knowledgebase, perform bugfixes and communicate alternative functional methods to educe helpdesk support requests

Bug-fix and Enhancements

NSG uses Agile development methodology to perform bug-fixes and enhancements to support helpdesk operation and business improvement enhancements.

Operations and Maintenance

NSG uses DevOps methodology to perform application operation and maintenance support so all experienced resources are efficiently used to provide best value to our customers as well as issue resolution times gets reduced.

User Training

User training and communication is key to any application support services. Easy to understand user aid material as well as easy access to user aids is very much necessary to support users efficiently. Self-service type user-aid such as short videos for various functions, quick-guides, ongoing enhancement notes etc. can assist users so that number of functional application use support requests are reduced.

What People Say About Us


Custom Software Development

"Our project was dynamic and changes were often made with short deadlines and your programmers were able to adapt to this, anticipate problems and communicate to me in a timely manner to keep the project on track. Customer service is often overlooked in business today but I can assure you that your efforts did not go unnoticed."


Business Solutions

"NSGI's innovative approaches to solving complex business problems have helped our organization deliver a wide range of services to both the public and our internal organization."



"NSGI developed and is managing a full life-cycle intake and business requirements service for internal applications development teams to use as part of the IT department's data center services offerings which include development, test, pre-production and production environments."


Project Management

"NSGI has impressive skill and experience with project management. They lay out the steps and timeline for a project early on and follow through to complete the project as promised."


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