Asset Ordering

NSG developed the Asset Ordering Tool for the Forest Service AQM Asset Management group to help bridge the gap between their existing PC & Laptop ordering process and their Asset Management software. Asset Ordering Tool helped automate the asset ordering process allowing the ordering specialists as well as the employees to track and manage their PC requests. The tool allows approval and export of PC orders to be sent for fulfillment. It reduced the error rate in such orders and provided better tracking and reporting of PC ordering information. The tool also imports asset information from the asset management system to ensure the proper business rules were followed and new requests were placed for valid PC replacements. Asset Ordering Tool allowed the team to:

  • Automate online PC request entry
  • Implement standardized PC request and replacement business rules
  • Manage and approve PC requests
  • Reporting on PC requests
  • Export and Import asset data to and from the Asset Management system
  • Better track the use of existing as well as new PCs

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"Our project was dynamic and changes were often made with short deadlines and your programmers were able to adapt to this, anticipate problems and communicate to me in a timely manner to keep the project on track. Customer service is often overlooked in business today but I can assure you that your efforts did not go unnoticed."


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"NSGI's innovative approaches to solving complex business problems have helped our organization deliver a wide range of services to both the public and our internal organization."



"NSGI developed and is managing a full life-cycle intake and business requirements service for internal applications development teams to use as part of the IT department's data center services offerings which include development, test, pre-production and production environments."


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"NSGI has impressive skill and experience with project management. They lay out the steps and timeline for a project early on and follow through to complete the project as promised."


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